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July 12, 2010

Blippy is a social shopping site that allows its users to automatically share their purchases from iTunes, Netflix and Amazon. It also publishes the details of every purchase you make through your credit/debit card. Shocking as it might sound at the onset, the service is actually a step further in the social networking revolution. Twitter also evoking reactions from people when it was launched several years back, but can we now think of our lives without it? 🙂 It seems the Blippy bug has bit the users already, as Blippy recently announced that they are already tracking over $1M in transactions.

Blippy does not leave any space for you to worry about the security of your information online. Much like Mint, crypts account information before outsourcing the rest of it to a trusted PCI-compliant and ISO 27002 certified services.

Blippy boasts of state of the art security technology like 128-bit SSL encryption and 24/7 physical security in their data centres. Since the users register anonymously [Blippy does not ask for any personally identifiable info], your privacy is maintained.

In a nutshell:

  • Blippy is totally new-age, hip shopping funda.
  • It’s safe, and fun!
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