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July 19, 2010

Groupon. Coupon for a group. As simple as that. And just as marvellous!

At Groupon, you get a new deal everyday. It takes a minute to sign up and you get your daily deal in your inbox. Basically the deal is a coupon that you can purchase, but it is activated only when enough people purchase the same coupon. Hence the name.  In case the deal does not reach the threshold number of interested folks, the deal is a boo-boo. And you don’t get charged a penny. How cool is that? If the deal goes live, then all of the buyers get a link the next day to print the groupon.

The groupons could be about anything. Fitness, restaurant deals, activities, concerts and tours around the city. What makes it better is the amount of discount, which is pretty huge, usually upwards of 50%. The keen may purchase more than one groupons although the cap is fixed on usually one deal per person at a time. For those who visit a restaurant frequently, they would love to avail such a thing.

Word of caution. Double check the expiry date on the groupon. You sure can reserve a groupon for future use and most of them are good for a year, but they vary from deal to deal.

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