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Good times

June 30, 2010

Life’s good when work is fun.


And.. here we are!

June 26, 2010

You rush to the mall straight from work, scan through countless shopping windows, jostle through long lines at the billing counter and brave mammoth traffic jams to finally pick the dress you have been wanting to wear to your next high school reunion. And then wait another week to flaunt it off. Sounds familiar? And brings back memories of all the frustration and hassle? Fret no more. Social shopping is here, and is here to stay.

So what exactly can social shopping do to your shopping experience? First things first. You are buying the stuff you want, at the price you like; right from the comfort of your home, sitting at your office work desk, while in the car or sipping your favourite Starbucks. Basically, from just about anywhere where you have an internet connection. AND then, let the world know about it in an instant. Brag about it in 140 characters complete with your own pictures of your smashing new purchase and set your network of friends abuzz with your latest shopping victory. Sounds cool? Trust us. 🙂

We at Savinz are committed to make your shopping experience worth your money and fun on the go. Savinz is set to go live, soon. Keep checking this space for updates. Happy Savinz! 🙂